All objects, installations and acts dreamt up by Tristan Kruithof are realized under the banner of EXOOT. Tristan is responsible for the artistic and practical supervision of our performances at festivals and other events.

We perform with interactive objects and installations at festivals and art events. Beside that we are specialized in mobile DJ acts with a unique look. We know how to throw a party and  how to provide an exciting musical backdrop. We’ve been hunting for musical treasures for years now. Records from the early fifties and sixties, original vinyl pressings, of course!

Ami6 2.0
A Citroën with a modest dose of positivism grooves, flirts and flies along the streets in search of companions.
The first successful summer season has come to end we are preparing for a second season. Coming months, we are updating all technical aspects. Our goal is to make Ami6 more interactive, more divers and give it better looks.
The Ami6 project is a collaboration with Edwin Dertien.

Tristan Kruithof: concept, design, construction and performer
Jessica Panhuijsen: administration, production, website and promo-material
Tom van Wijngaarden: performer en construction
Edwin Dertien: controllers
Peer Reede: photos
Ramon Masius: trailers

The main points in the technical rider and the general terms and conditions are:
-Ami6 performs  3 x 30 minutes per day.
-We usually drive about 300 to 400 meters each show.
-Before every show we need to charge our battery-pack. So if we do one long route , we need to charge in between during the breaks.
-We need an electrical outlet: 1X 230V (max. 13A).
-Set-up time is 2 hours, 1 hour breakdown. We always arrive 2 hours before showtime.
-Ami6 can have a bit of rain… not too much.
-We kindly reguest the host organisation to provide a parking spot for our van and trailer. We use our van as a dressingroom. So it’s very important our van is parked close to the performing area.
-Hotel (single rooms with shower) for 1 or 2 persons.
-A sufficient amount of healthy food and drinks for 1 or 2 persons.


To check our availability please contact us.

Ami6 made her international debut in 2016 at the International Streetart Festival of Detmold (D) and her Dutch debut at Terschellings Oerol. After this we have visited a beautiful selection of festivals such as Festival Onderstroom Vlissingen, Concert at Sea, Boulevard ’s-Hertogenbosch, Festival Op ‘T Eiland Nijmegen, Chalon dans la Rue (FR), CIRK! Aalst (B), Supervlieg Supermouche (B), Tête à Tête Rastatt (D), Nijmeegse Kunstnacht en Festival de Betovering.



Veilinghavenkade 40
3521AK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Bookings (preferably by email):
Tristan Kruithof: of +31 (0)619177117

Office management:
Jessica Panhuijsen: of +31 (0)641351718